Open Source Software - HornetQ is released under the Apache v 2.0 Licence.

Written in Java - HornetQ runs on any platform with a Java 5 or later runtime.

JMS and above - HornetQ supports the JMS 1.1 and 2.0 APIs and also defines its own messaging API for maximum performance and flexibility. Other protocols are planned for upcoming releases.

Superb performance - HornetQ class-beating high performance journal provides persistent messaging performance at rates normally seen for non-persistent messaging. Non-persistent messaging performance rocks the boat too.

POJO-based design - HornetQ has been designed using POJO and minimal third-party dependencies. You choose how you want to use HornetQ: run it stand-alone, integrate it with JBoss Application Server or another Java server/container or embed it directly inside your own product.

Solid high availability - HornetQ offers server replication and automatic client failover to eliminate lost or duplicated messages in case of server failure.

Flexible clustering - Create clusters of HornetQ servers that know how to load balance messages. Link geographically distributed clusters over unreliable connections to form a global network. Configure routing of messages in a highly flexible way. Adapt HornetQ to your network topology, not the other way round.

Management - HornetQ provides a comprehensive management API to manage & monitor servers. It is integrated seamlessly to the servers to work in a highly available environment.

Documentation & Examples - All HornetQ features are documented and examples are provided. Read the documentation, run the examples and leverage HornetQ features to make your messaging code more robust and performant.

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